A Scotsman, an American and a South African walked into a bar… and couldn’t find a decent beer, so they decided to make their own.

Alex McCormack, Frank Rodriguez and Reuben Riffel were never the type do anything half-arsed. Their individual stories of innovation, pioneering spirit and success spans three continents, and their commitment to The Franschhoek Beer Co. is as much about bringing the best handcrafted beer in the world to the most beautiful valley in the world, as it is about making a product that lives up to their own standards.


If we made croissants, best believe we’d have ‘em made by a Frenchman. But we don’t make croissants, we make beer. Damn good beer. And how did we ensure our damn good beer would be without-a-doubt-damn-good? We got a German brewmaster to make it.

Dedicated, obsessed with quality, seriously smart (the man is a biotechnologist) our brewmaster, Olaf, has been with us in our quest for perfection since day one. This guy has some serious craft beer credentials; he’s not into fads but he’s always got a new brew in the back pocket of his lederhosen.


Our beer is handcrafted on-site at our happy (and, we suppose, hoppy) home in Franschhoek. As our brewmaster is a perfectionist, he only uses the purest Franschhoek mountain spring water and the best quality imported hops and malt he can lay his hands on to ensure a superior beer. Made from only natural ingredients, our beers are unpasteurised and naturally carbonated. We have specialized equipment, imported from Italy, ensuring the exceptional taste of every handcrafted bottle remains consistent. We never cut corners, we never compromise, we don’t believe good is good enough. We want to be the best, and we believe we are.


What’s a brewery doing in the heart of a wine valley? Well, we’ve never been the type to swim downstream, and honestly, we needed a refreshment while we marvel at what we believe to be the most beautiful place on earth. We love it here; we love our beer, and we wouldn’t want to brew it anywhere else. Since the first French Huguenot planted their vines in the fertile Franschhoek Valley more than 300 years ago, the region has become world-renowned for food and wine of the highest standard. It is a region that’s uncompromising when it comes to great produce, creativity and a life well-lived – a philosophy founded the very core of The Franschhoek Beer Co.

Also, it gets a little warm in this neck of the woods, we needed something bitterly cold.


You may have tried our world class beer in restaurants, pubs or in the company of good friends at your own home – now we’re inviting you over to ours. Picture Oak trees, undulating lawns, a tasting room with amazing views of our brewery, the best burgers in town and of course, our hand crafted, world class beer!


Become a beer boff! Join us for a tour of what we call our brewmasters’ top secret laboratory. You’ll be taken on an hour-long excursion around our test brewery, our core brewery and our organic garden (weather permitting). Our tours will teach you how our beer is made, some of the tricks of the trade (hey, we can’t give it all our secrets away) and will include 6 tastings of world-class beer.

You’ll come in a patron, and leave a beer connoisseur.



Who’s that absolute ray of sunshine? That’s Bernadene, our Restaurant Manager. Franschhoek born and bred, Bernadene is the embodiment of excellent service. She began her career in the hospitality industry at the Voluptuous Boutique in town, her Human Resource course then lead her to Leopards Leap Vineyards, she qualified for a bursary and worked for the Rupert’s on weekends. Bernadene considers her colleagues family and The Franschhoek Beer Company home. She believes her customers are the best – and honestly, you can really tell.


Olaf is the Brewmaster here at The Franschhoek Beer Company. He’s got a Masters in Biotechnology, 10 years brewing experience and did we mention he’s German?! His attention to detail, pragmatic approach to problems and passion for damn good beer drives the constant improvement and quality of our beer. The best part about his job? Tasting as much damn good beer as possible.


Meet Antonio Schoeman, Franschhoek’s’ resident muscle-man and the official Franschhoek Beer Company fanatic. Antonio joined our team as our Sales Manager in 2021; having worked in the corporate world for 18 years as a sales and marketing consultant, he exchanged ‘bru’ for ‘brew,’ and we couldn’t be happier. Antonio has become a beer boffin with a thirst for spreading the sauce from The Franschhoek Beer Company to the world. Need help with what to buy, where to buy it, and which beer goes best with your lamb chops and potato salad? Antonio is your guy!