The Classics – Craft Beer Mixed Case
[Case of 12]


The Classics

Bohemian Rhapsody, Forrest Gump, The Great Gatsby – whether it’s music, movies, books or beer, everyone loves a classic! And a 12-pack of our classic beers  – The Three Oaks Lager, Weissbier No. 5 German Style and Liberty American Pale Ale – will never do you wrong.

4x Three Oaks Lager (340 ML ABV | 5.0% | IBU 19 – Best served at 4°C)

4x Weissbier #5 (340 ML | ABV 4.9% | IBU 13 – Best served at 4°C)

4x Liberty American Pale Ale (340 ML | ABV 5.3% | IBU 40 – Best served at 6°C)

No preservatives. Brewed and bottled in South Africa.

Not for sale to persons under 18. Drink responsibly


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