Salut Seltzer – Mixed Craft Seltzer Case
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Looking for something on the lighter side? While our Seltzers are BREWED and NOT mixed – we do offer mixed packs of Salut Seltzer for you to try each of our flavours – Zesty Lime, Ruby Grapefruit and Black Cherry. Now you can have a taste of all three before deciding you love ‘em all and can never decide!

4x Salut Seltzer Zesty Lime (340ML | 4.5% ABV)

4x Salut Seltzer Ruby Grapefruit (340ML | 4.5% ABV)

4x Salut Seltzer Black Cherry (340ML | 4.5% ABV)

No preservatives. Brewed and bottled in South Africa.

Not for sale to persons under 18. Drink responsibly

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